June 1, 2010


Carolyne Swayze Releases New Album  (CD)    

The talented vocalist from Sacramento is set to release her exciting debut album, a move which will thrill her many fans.

SACRAMENTO, June 1, 2010 - After some years not performing, Carolyne Swayze is preparing to release her new album later this month, marking a major shift from semi-retired vocalist to multi-talented  singer-songwriter. Carolyne, who lives in Sacramento, California has just put the final touches to the album, and is now preparing for the imminent release that will hopefully build upon her fan base and get her music heard by more people than ever.

The theme of the album, "No Apologies"   is not  meant to be some unrepentant  excuse for bad behavior. Neither does it justify mistakes, hurt feelings or any other signs of human imperfection.  Rather, it is a metaphor for living  life on one's own terms.  It is a love story that acknowledges  the emotions inspired by experiences over a lifetime, and therefore does not represent any one person,  situation or relationship.  The rhythmic undercurrent is mainly jazz and pop.

At first listen, one might think the five original compositions written by Carolyne to be laments of unrequited love.  That according to her, "would be an incorrect assessment".  Bentley Baby and Me  humorously tells a story about falling in love while traveling cross country from Chicago to San Francisco on Interstate 80.    Although  Chicago was where Carolyne was born and raised, eventually making her way to California, she dismisses the story as  "a wild imagination".   Dream Love  is all about having to  meet the idyllic person  in a dream  in order to have  the perfect relationship. While  Little Valentine  is cute and airy,   Back To Yesterday   almost has an  R&B feel and speaks about recapturing love before all is lost,  and  No Apologies , also the album name,  is all about the joy and pain of an emotion that hopefully everyone has at least once in their life, loving regardless.

The remaining songs are simply those she loves to sing and chosen because they fit the mood of the album.    My Foolish Heart is the Victor Young and Ned Washington classic; You Showed Me The Way is a little known song written by Ella Fitzgerald and Chick Webb;  I Worry "Bout You  written by Norman Mapp and Sam Cooke is a tune made popular by Arthur Prysock  in the late 60's.  She has taken the Barry and Robin Gibb classic, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart and given it a slow country feel  that may take listeners a  minute to recognize.   Born to Be Blue, is a tune written by Mel Torme when he was only nineteen years old and the Alan and Marilyn  Bergman and Michel  Legrand song,  The Way He Makes Me Feel, from the movie Yentl gives testament that when it comes to matters of the heart and mind, nothing is impossible.  Last is  the Gus Kahn and Isham Jones tune I'll See You in My Dreams.  Carolyne has said, "This particular song is most special to me as it was used as the theme song  by the first band leader I ever worked with, Dick Scudder  from Fresno,  California who was my initial teacher/ mentor, teaching me all I needed to know to start a career in singing.  He might be the sole reason that over the years piano players have held  a special place in my heart. " 

The album will be launching shortly, and fans are encouraged to visit Carolyne's website at http://carolyneswayze.com,  which provides additional information about the artist.  While there you are invited to leave your email address and sign the guestbook so that Carolyne may  contact  you  with news and information about upcoming gigs and new releases.

Fans can also join up to be her friend on Facebook.


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